About Us

For more than 15 years, we’ve been providing compatibility and cross-reference solutions for the imaging supplies industry. Our team has over 45 years of experience delivering reliable imaging supply data to businesses that save them time and money. Our clients depend on our data because they know it’s current and backed by outstanding customer service.

We understand that businesses have different needs so we’ve developed creative solutions that deliver data in a variety of methods. Whether someone wants to reference compatibility data on the web, in a list, as an  XML feed, customized for their enterprise or integrated right into a retail web site, we streamline the process for determining which supply and part will fit hundreds of imaging and business machines.

Our Team

Lena Andersson, owner of TRI Resources.Lena Andersson


Our expertise on compatibility of hard copy imaging supplies actually began in 1983. Lena began working in the ribbon industry for Aspen Ribbons in Boulder, CO, shortly after moving to the USA from her homeland of Sweden. Her personal attention to detail quickly moved her into the ‘lab’ doing research and maintaining the database for the AspenGuide. Lena’s work helped make AspenGuide the undisputed leader and many considered it to be the virtual Bible of cross-referencing in the industry. In the early 1990s, Lena joined Nukote and was actively involved in publishing the Encyclopedia of Imaging Supplies.

Tom Wilson, director of IT and custom applications at TRI Resources.Tom Wilson

Director of IT and Custom Applications



How TRI Resources Began

By 1998, technology allowed Lena to create a cross-reference guide on CD ROM, and thus TRI Resources International and the TRIguide were created. Toner, ribbons, and inkjets were the basis of this guide.

Just as Internet technology and the number of machines and supplies continue to grow rapidly, TRIguide continues to evolve. In 2003, TRIguideOnline went online. For this version of TRIguide, users just needed Internet access. Shortly thereafter TRI Resources was providing data stream to a multitude of websites for manufacturers, wholesalers, retail stores and dealers. TRI Resources has always offered custom services for the supplies industry.

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