Ink Cartridge Numbers for Epson WorkForce Pro 4640 Printer

Epson WF-R4640 printer.

This month Epson released the new WorkForce Pro R4640 printer. This EcoTank inkjet printer ships with up to two years of ink cartridge supplies. The estimated retail price is $1,199.

The wireless capability of the all-in-one WF-R4640 allows people to print and scan from almost anywhere in a building. The printer uses economical Ink Bags/Packs. With printing cost savings as high as 70%, the WF-R4640 beats color laser printers on value.

Ink Cartridge/OEM Part Numbers

Tracking down ink cartridge part numbers for this printer can be time consuming. So I put together a list of cartridge numbers you can quickly reference for your customer’s supply needs.

Epson Inkjet Cartridge Number Price Page Yield Photo
TR12120 R12 Black Ink Pack $99.99 10,000  TR12120-R12-black
TR12220 R12 Cyan Ink Pack $66.99 10,000  TR12220-R12-cyan
TR12320 R12 Magenta Ink Pack $66.99 10,000 TR12320-R12-magenta
TR12420 R12 Yellow Ink Pack $66.99 10,000 TR12420-R12-yellow
TR12X120  R12X Black Ink Pack $179.99 20,000 TR12X120-R12X-black-ink
TR12X220  R12X  Cyan Ink Pack $99.99 20,000 TR12X220-R12X-cyan-ink
TR12X320  R12X  Magenta Ink Pack $99.99 20,000 TR12X320-R12X-magenta
TR12X420  R12X Magenta Ink Pack $99.99 20,000 TR12X420--R12X-yellow-ink
TR14X120  R14X Black Ink Pack $533.19 50,000 TR14X120-R14X-black-ink
TR14X220  R14X Cyan Ink Pack $338.49 50,000 TR14X220-R14X-cyan-ink
TR14X320  R14X Magenta Ink Pack $338.49 50,000 TR14X320-R14X-magenta-ink
TR14X420  R14X Yellow Ink Pack $338.49 50,000 TR14X420-R14X-yellow-ink

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