T3 Ink and Toner Finder Gives You
The Freedom to Sell Any Printer Supply

T3-ink-toner-finderWhat’s stopping you from selling any printer supply in your online web store?

Are you confined to only using wholesalers supported by your web platform?

Our recently upgraded Ink and Toner Finder, T3, lets you carry as many print supplies as you want, from any wholesaler. You can even sell your own branded supplies.

Giving Customers Premium Service Doesn’t Have to
Cost You an Arm and a Leg

When your online customers can easily find the right ink and toner supplies on their first search, everyone wins.

You get fewer questions. Your customers are happier. You get more repeat orders.

Our Ink and Toner Finder makes it easy for your customers to find the exact supplies they need. Without any help from you.

Without extra chat sessions. Without answering email or phone calls. Without adding extra staff.

Your customers check out quickly and you spend less time serving them.

Premier Service Comes from the Data Behind an Ink and Toner Finder

A good Ink and Toner Finder is like having a top-performing sales rep. The kind of associate that knows which print supply a customer needs on the first request. A salesperson that can fulfill an order even when customers aren’t quite sure what they need.

T3’s data comes from the most accurate sources – printer manufacturers. Printer models and supplies are constantly refreshed. Data updates are made daily.

Online customers can search for ink and toner by printer or OEM supply. An autocomplete feature serves up qualified results after the first few characters are typed in.

You’ll get more printer supply sales with fewer returns.

See How Easy it Can Be to Find Printer Supplies on Your Web Site


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T3 Features That’ll Boost Your Revenue Without Boosting Your Costs

Users can search by printer or OEM supply number.
Autocomplete provides printer and supply options after the first few characters are typed in.
Supply items are mapped to a master cross-reference database for complete and accurate search results.
Automated ink and toner supply updates are sent to you nightly.
Finder is part of your EXISTING web site. No need to switch web platforms. We can set up T3, review it and test it without disrupting your current web site.
Prebuilt search controls you can see right now.
Can be configured to look like your web site, including non-English sites.

Two Ways to Set Up T3 on Your Web Site

T3 Standard Ink and Toner Components for a Quick Set Up

Using our prebuilt javascript software components is the fastest way to start using the Ink and Toner Finder on your web site. No complex programming is required.

Components can be configured to fit into a wide range of web sites and styled to look like the rest of your online store. Setup and configuration guides are available for every component.

Pricing includes setup, as well as monthly maintenance and service fees.

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T3 API for a Customized Ink and Toner Finder

The T3 API (Application Programming Interface) is a web interface we use to serve the data needed to create an Ink and Toner Finder. It is a programming interface which doesn’t serve any page content directly.

The API provides data such as, “What printers are in the HP Laserjet series?” or “What supplies in our catalog can be used in a Canon imageCLASS MF4350d printer?”

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Clients Using T2

Customers using the T2 Ink and Toner Finder will continue to be supported by us. Upgrading to T3 isn’t necessary.

T2 is no longer available to new clients.