TRIguideOnline User License Agreement

Important Information

It is imperative that you read the following agreement prior to using our TRIguideOnline service.

This is a license between you (the end user) and TRI Resources International, Inc. TRI Resources grants you a non-exclusive, nontransferable license to use our TRIguideOnline service. It is for use by One User only, unless you have purchased a multiple user subscription. You agree not to copy, transfer data, modify, reverse engineer, decompile or download any of the information contained in the TRIguideOnline service. In addition, you may access the information in the TRIguideOnline program only through the authorized access provided by TRI Resources.

Any use of the TRIguideOnline service constitutes acceptance of this agreement, whether or not you have confirmed reading of this document with TRI Resources.

TRI Resources has the right to discontinue or suspend your service at any time if any suspicious activity has occurred or is suspected. The information contained in this service cannot be posted on the World Wide Web as a cross-reference vehicle. It is to be used by you, the end user, as a research tool only and cannot be distributed without express written consent from TRI Resources.